Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fet's "O Miraculous Painting" [1842]

A poem by Afanasy Fet, 19th century Russian conservative and "poet's poet." From his first volume of published poems.

O miraculous painting,
How familiar and dear you are to me:
With your white plains,
And full moon,

Light streams down from the high heavens,
And the snow sparkles,
And there's a lonely trail
Leading from the distant sleighs.

Чудная картина,
Как ты мне родна:
Белая равнина,
Полная луна,

Свет небес высоких,
И блестящий снег,
И саней далеких
Одинокий бег.

trans. Joshua Walker 2008

comments and concerns welcome!

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Coobie said...

It's interesting to me that the Russian original is fairly sparse on verbs (I know that 'to be' is implied in the present tense) and prepositions. This makes it seem a lot more disconnected than the translation. Or maybe makes the translation seem a little embellished? Dunno, just thinkin'.